This Sunday Marks the End of Daylight Savings Time

Turn Your Clocks Back

Change your clocks before Sunday for the time change.

I know many of us have our cell phones, computers, cable boxes, atomic clocks and other gizmos around the apartment that set themselves, but this Sunday, November 6, is Daylight Savings Time. We all still have those Stove Top clocks, Microwaves, alarm clocks and watches that haven’t caught up to the digital age that will need some manual adjustment.

The official time change happens at 2am this Sunday, so when you walk into the kitchen for a snack during the Dolphins game, you did not just walk through a time warp. You just forgot to turn back the clock on the stove.

I hope you have gotten a lot of good use out of the extra hour of day light this year, but more importantly I hope you enjoy the extra hour of sleep before your body fully adjusts to the new schedule.

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